Mifflin’s Pastors:

1840-1852 supply pastors

1852-1859 Rev. Ebenezer Washburn

1861-1864 Rev. J. C. Tidball

1864 Rev. J. W. Baldwin

1864-1865 Rev. Wraynard

1865-1866 Rev. George Humphrey Fullerton

1866-1868 Rev Reuben Hahn

1869-1870 Rev. O.H. Newlin

1876-1878 Rev. William E. Mack

1879 Rev. Thomas H. Kohr

1881-1882 Rev. Francis A. Wilbur

1882-1885 Rev. Charles Lee

1886-1887 Rev. Francis A. Wilbur

1888-1892 Rev. William D. Wallace

1893-1895 Rev. John F. Horton

1895-1897 Rev. William L. Baker

1899-1902 Rev. Charles W. Hempstead

1904-1905 Rev. Francis X. Miron

1905-1906 Rev. Charles G. Watson

1906-1912 Rev. B. Frank Jacobs

1913-1917 Rev. J. G. Currie

1918-1927 Rev. John A. Ewalt

1928-1931 Rev. Ralph W. Illingworth

1932-1935 Rev. Philip Lamar Williams

1936-1944 Rev. Donald William MacLeod

1945-1949 Rev. Benjamin F. Judd

1949-1960 Rev. George F. Mace

1960-1964 Rev. Nicholas B. Bosworth

1964-1976 Rev. Donald DeWitt Swift

1973-1974 Rev. Curtis Miller, Associate

1976-1977 Rev. Glen C. Shaffer, Interim

1977-1994 Rev. John J. Manos

1991-1993 Rev. James Michael Moran, Associate

1994-1995 Rev. W. Donald Pendell, Interim

1995-2005 Rev. Roger Gerald Wagner

1997-2001 Rev. George L. Bendall, Associate

2002-2011 Rev. Stephanie H. Boaz, Associate

2005-2007 Rev. Alexander McDougall, Interim

2007-2012 Rev. Peter Dembroski

2012-2014 Rev. Nancy Carle, Interim

2014-Present Rev. David Bubb

Church History

Presbyterian services were held in the vicinity of Gahanna as early as 1819, but no effort was made to organize a congregation until 1840 when Nathaniel Harris submitted to Presbytery a petition from 21 persons in Mifflin Township requesting the establishment of a church here.

John Clark, the founder of Gahanna, gave the congregation the present lot on which in 1844 the first building was erected. At the time the congregation was organized, it was not financially able to call a pastor, and for several years it depended upon stated supplies appointed by Presbytery.

The first one to be sent was Rev. Highland Hibbard, of the Columbus Presbytery, who served as a supply until the Church was able to call Rev. Ebenezer Washburn who was a professor at Central College and pastor of the Blendon or Westerville Church. He was installed on May 30, 1852 and became the first minister of Mifflin Church on a half-time basis. read more...