We are returning to limited in-person worship to accompany our ongoing Facebook Live-streamed and on demand worship services. As before, those who attend will be required to wear their face mask, sit in assigned seats, and refrain from audible singing or talking. We do rejoice this season knowing that God is with us wherever we are and that we are connected together through the Holy Spirit and the internet.

Upcoming Events

There is a place for you here at Mifflin:

      • If you are new in your faith

      • If you have been a part of church your whole life

      • If you have lots of questions and doubts

      • If you know Jesus and want to be transformed even more in his image

      • If you are seeking a community of faith to walk along beside you

      • If you want to be stretched in how you reach out to others

      • If you want help in raising your children or caring for aging parents

      • If you want to find meaning and purpose in the latter years of your life

      • If you are young or old; single, married, widowed or divorced; have lots of children or none at all

You are welcome here!