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Walk to Jerusalem

posted Jan 13, 2016, 2:05 PM by Mifflin Pres   [ updated Apr 1, 2016, 8:53 AM ]
We have over 100 participants signed up for our imaginary trek to Jerusalem!

Please remember to give us your mileage for the week either on the spreadsheet at the info table on Sundays or by emailing Kim by Monday.

Check out the updates below to see how far we have gone and some fun facts about where we have been. There is still time to participate- see Marquell if you want to join the fun. Let’s get moving!

Week 1 Stats

For this week at 1657.58 miles we passed New York City, and started out on the ocean. New York is 534.3 miles per google maps from Mifflin. From New York to Casablanca is 3602 miles.

Week 2 Stats

For week two, we walked 1470.68 miles, giving us a grand total of 3127.26. This places us about 1000 miles from Casablanca.

Week 3 Stats

For week two, we walked 1365 miles, giving us a grand total of 4492.25. We were 1000 miles from Casablanca last week, and easily made our goal. Before we could leave Casablanca, we realized we are well above our goal, and want to take a trip to a detour city. We are going to stop in Athens on our way to Bethlehem.  We are very close to the city of Oran Algeria and reflect on the journey through Casablanca. Although the city had many sights to see, we focus our conversation on the culturally significant movie “Casablanca” and discuss how love and sacrifice can move us all.

Week 4 Stats

This week we decided to take a detour to Athens Greece. Next Stop? We are heading to Bethlehem which is only 803.9 miles, so we will have plenty left over to tour. Athens is the oldest city in the world, known as the “Cradle of Civilization” as well as the place of origin of democracy, Western philosophy, Western literature, mathematics and theater. The history of Athens spans 4000 years. We take a tour of the Acropolis, check out local dishes, and learn some fun facts. We are excited to continue on our journey, and will see everyone in Bethlehem.

Week 5 Stats

This week we traveled 1430.5 miles with a grand total of 7877.64.  We’re adding a new dimension in our virtual trip of time travel. We have been wandering in Bethlehem in the hill country of Judah. This is the birthplace of David and the place of Samuel anointing him as king.  We visit the site of the nativity just after the birth of the infant King. We watch as the magi arrive from the east bringing gifts. Then we follow the Holy family as they flee from Herod. We’ll stop next week in Egypt.

Week 6 Stats

Week Total: 1173.89
Grand Total: 9053.53

This week we reach above 9k miles. I think we lost a few travelers due to some back home cold, I’m sure they will catch up with us, and we will be well above the 10,000 mark next week. We decided this week to “flee” Egypt, similar to the way the holy family fled to escape Herod. They escaped in the middle of the night, small child in hand and started a journey that then would of taken weeks. We explore activities for children’s as well as customs for the ancient parents.  It’s been a great week focusing on our littlest travelers, and  we may return to Egypt again.

Week 7 Stats

Week Total: 979.37
Grand Total: 10335.91

We have traveled to Nazareth at the time of the annual pilgrimage to the Festival of the Passover. Jesus is now 12. We join the pilgrimage to the Temple in Jerusalem. We partake of the Seder meal. We start back to Nazareth until Mary and Joseph realize that Jesus is not with them. We join the search party and travel far and wide searching for Jesus. He is found 3 days later studying with the teachers at the temple. As we start back to Nazareth, we wonder where to next as we crisscross the Holy Land. Get out your finery as rumor has it we may be attending a wedding.

Week 8 Stats

Week Total: 1310.89
Grand Total: 11646.8

Hello my Merry Travelers. I have returned as your tour guide after taking my family to the land of the mouse. But I see I’ve returned in time to celebrate a wedding. This week we travel to Cana to witness a wedding and Jesus' first miracle. In the Gospel account, Jesus, his mother and his disciples are invited to a wedding, and when the wine runs out, Jesus delivers a sign of his glory by turning water into wine. We travel around Galilee, and even follow to Capernaum at 70 miles away where he performed healing.

Week 9 Stats

Week Total: 1091.25
Grand Total: 13161.05

Hello my Merry Travelers. We are gearing up to complete our walk in the next few weeks. Our goal is to arrive in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. This week we continue to follow Jesus and his miracles and visit Samaria. Samaria, or the Shomron is a name for the mountainous, central region of the ancient Eastern Mediterranean, based on the borders of the biblical Northern Kingdom of Israel and especially the Israelite tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh. This city is situated 30 miles north of Jerusalem and about six miles to the northwest of Shechem.  It is described as being cultivated and fruitful.  We  wander and explore the story of Mary and Martha, have think about what life for women must have been like.

Week 10 Stats

Week Total: 106.11
Grand Total: 14848.16

This week we complete our journey into Jerusalem to prepare for Palm Sunday and Holy week. Next week we will follow through the events of Holy Week. This week we are taking our final look around, as we celebrate the near end of our adventure. Palm Sunday is the final Sunday of Lent, the beginning of Holy Week, and commemorates the triumphant arrival of Christ in Jerusalem, days before he was crucified. A personal note to my Merry Travelers. This is my final entry as your tour guide. Marquell will see us through Holy Week and the closure of our tour. This has truly been my pleasure, and I look forward to our next adventure.

Week 11 Stats

Week Total: 1100.58 miles
Grand Total: 16223.64 miles.

Hallelujah. He is risen. He is risen indeed.  This week “we were there” at the events of Holy week, experiencing the roller coaster of emotions. The joy of Palm Sunday, confusion of Jesus’s actions at the temple, despair at the way Christ was mocked, beaten, and crucified, wonder at the empty tomb and joy as Jesus appears to the Marys at the tomb and to the disciples at a mountain top in Galilee. He is risen as He said. Next week a recap of our 12 week journey.

Final Update

We have traveled a total of 17388.43 miles over the past 12 weeks.  We averaged 1449 miles per week.  Gahanna to Jerusalem is 6629 miles, so we completed the equivalent of 2.6 trips.  Becky Sorrell was the leader of the pack logging 675 miles.  Leyla Billman came in second with 550 miles.  4 people logged over 400 miles, 8 over 300 and 27 over 200.  Now that you’ve been walking and thinking about it for 12 weeks, it is a habit that we hope you will continue.  Certificates for anyone who turned in miles for at least 2 weeks are available at the info center.

Watch for information about upcoming opportunities for group walks in the Gahanna area.

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