Sunday School

April 7-May 19, 2013

Adult Sunday School

“What do Presbyterians believe?”

What is a Presbyterian? Can you discuss the central themes of our faith? Join George Ritter for a six-session look at what Presbyterians believe. George will draw from an anthology of six catechisms and the Book of Confessions. One of the catechisms is for third graders and always gets the last word. Another is the Heidelberg Confession which has not as yet been officially adopted. Find out why – should be interesting. No books are required, but good resources for your use or your home library include “The Study Catechism” (9781571530387 - $9.00), “What Presbyterians Believe 2” (1711612013-$5.00), and the Book of Confessions (OGA07017-$10.00). Numbers and prices refer to ordering info from

Easter Season Bible Study

Beginning on April 3rd and running through May 15th, a Wednesday evening Bible study will be offered at 6pm. The Easter Season lections this year feature readings from the Book of Revelation; this will be the focus of our study. Come and enjoy this special time around God’s word in the continued joy of Resurrection. Reverend Nancy will be the teacher.

Youth Sunday School

Children's Sunday School